by MKJ Marketing

For more than 30 years, MKJ Marketing has partnered with thousands of funeral homes and cemeteries with this goal in mind: to help them enter new markets, beat their competition, and increase volume. Many of our clients are members of Selected Independent Funeral Homes, an international association of independent and locally owned funeral homes who pride themselves on utilizing best practices in serving families during their times of need. Selected members are also professionals of the highest standards, providing families with confidence and trusted information.

Today, we are pleased to announce that MKJ Marketing has joined Selected Independent’s Preferred Partner Program at the Advanced Level! Our professional team looks forward to fostering new relationships, and sharing best practices.

This endorsement, along with our decades of experience and over 800 marketing research studies, affirms that funeral homes and cemeteries can have complete confidence in our recommendations.

If you’re new to MKJ, we want you to know, we can offer you:

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