Image is Everything

It’s a cliché, but in marketing it’s true. Consumers experience your business first through your brand—they look for who you are and what you stand for in everything from your signage to your website design, the ads you run to the thank you note you send. Together, let’s design the experience you want consumers to have from the moment you meet.

funeral home branding

Brand Analysis and Development Research

Do potential clients know who you are? If they do, what comes to their mind when they think of you? This doesn’t have to remain a mystery. We can talk to your neighbors, gather the data, and report it back to you along with an extensive plan to reinvigorate—or even resuscitate—your brand.

branding for funeral homes
logo design for funeral homes and cremation societies

Logo Development

Your logo should set you apart from your competitors with a single glance. Our creative team can custom design a logo that captures your personality, your reputation, and your individuality. We can also recommend ways to get your logo in front of your clients over and over again. Sear it into their mind, so when they’re at their point of need, it’s you they think of first.

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funeral home branding

Stationery Design

In a world of electronic communication, a hand-written note or distinctive business card will set you apart. Well-designed letterhead, note pads, and envelopes, enhanced by specialty printing techniques like foiling and embossing, will project professionalism, personal attention, and an appreciation for tradition. Let every piece of paper tell your community who you are.

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funeral home branded general price list

General Price List Design

Show consumers you pay attention to every detail by presenting a price list that reflects the quality of your service. We have this down to an art: We personalize a pre-printed shell for you with your logo, photo, and contact information, leaving room for you to print your price list on your office printer. Enjoy the freedom to change your prices whenever needed while ensuring a polished package.

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