by MKJ Marketing

Marketing is not an exact science, but good marketing is as grounded in research and data as any scientific experiment. Online marketing is no different. It can be difficult to navigate the new social platforms or the complex field of search engine optimization, but at MKJ, we let research and data guide us.

MKJ’s own Courtney Gould Miller recently spoke about this topic with Tyler Fraser on his podcast Funeral Service and the Web. They discussed how MKJ chooses between advertising mediums, and Courtney explained MKJ’s process. “The way we approach it at MKJ and have [since] my parents Marilyn Jones Gould and Glenn Gould founded the company over 30 years ago, is looking at each individual situation. There are some markets where newspaper is the best, there are some markets where SEO may not be the right solution. We have to look at each situation and see what [a client’s] goals and budget are.”

 There are a lot of ways to market online. At MKJ, we have clients who have Twitter and Pinterest accounts, but for the vast majority, Facebook is the best bet. “Facebook allows us the opportunity to advertise and to target in so many different ways. The Facebook community really 55 and up is the fastest growing population on [the platform], so that’s where we want to be.” Courtney goes on to describe how MKJ strives to personalize our services for each funeral home. “We do really everything in the funeral industry for marketing, but we want it to be right for the client. No situation is the same. Markets are different, your brand is different, your experience, your staff, your goals are different.”

Just as a personalized marketing plan is best for your funeral home, personalized content is best for reaching consumers. Only using generic posts may be easier and even cheaper, but as Courtney explained: “Consumers can feel it.” At MKJ, we have seen firsthand the strong responses consumers have with custom posts on funeral home Facebook pages. “So, we focus on [generating] as much custom content as our funeral homes owners can provide us. We have come up with some amazing series for clients, some focused on therapy dogs, some focused on cemetery history. There is so much opportunity to focus on what the funeral home is doing, or the cemetery or the cremation provider, and what are their differences.”

This episode of Funeral Service and the Web was titled “The Next Decade in the Funeral Industry,” which is also the theme of MKJ Marketing’s own new podcast on Funeral Radio, Next 10. Courtney had the chance to talk about our show with Tyler, “We’re really excited about it. It is me hosting it, but it is also an effort by MKJ Marketing. We’re focused on what is the next ten years of funeral service. Not necessarily what is happening right now, we do look at some current trends, but more where is that taking us. I’m really inviting the industry to dream a little bit.”

You can listen to the first episode of Next 10, here. To listen to the full Funeral Service and the Web episode, visit Funeral Radio.