Branded TV Ads


We have TV commercials for everything you want to advertise:

  • Affordability
  • Veterans
  • Preneed
  • Combination
  • Cremation Society
  • Personalization
  • Cremation Services
  • Aftercare
  • Reception Services
  • Value of the Funeral
  • Pet Services
  • Cremation with Confidence™

And more…

Branded TV Ads

Even though more and more people are on the internet, TV viewership is still very high, particularly in your target market. Cable TV ads also cost much less over the course of a year than newspaper advertising. The production of the spot is where it gets “pricey.” That’s where we come in. Our proven, award-winning ads make TV advertising affordable for everyone.

No one in the death care industry approaches making TV ads like we do. And we think television advertising should be available to all funeral homes, particularly because of how affordable cable media can be. That’s why we’ve developed award-winning, pre-produced spots on nearly every topic you’d want to cover. These spots are personalized with your funeral home name and logo, so viewers will feel like it’s a message just from you. Each spot is licensed exclusively by market, so once you’ve booked your ad, no one else in your area will have it.

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