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Cremation Recycling has been a trusted precious metal refiner for over three decades, and our roots go back even further. Our company grew out of the Simmons Refining Co., which began earning its reputation as an accurate and trusted refiner in the late 1960s. When we opened our doors in 1982, we did so with many of Simmons’ core employees, who brought with them an unmatched level of integrity and expertise.

Today, the legacy continues. Our trading manager is an original Simmons employee, and our head chemist earned a master’s degree in chemical engineering and offers 40-plus years in the industry. Our turnover is virtually nonexistent, and many of our employees bring the knowledge and expertise that can only come from decades of commitment to our highly specialized field.

Our unique open-door policy, which allows customers to personally monitor our weigh-in, documenting, melting, and testing procedures, offers the peace of mind they won’t find just anywhere. And we’re easy and convenient to work with. We can arrange pick-up from your crematory, and we cover all shipping and insurance costs.

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We believe that every funeral matters. Missing a funeral is upsetting and can cause distress during a difficult time. Not being emotionally present during the service can impair the grieving process. In one hour, we can capture a lifetime. Funeral professionals should strive to capture the service and make it available to the family digitally to remove the barriers that keep people apart and support their healing journey.
OneRoom is an online funeral viewing solution, designed specifically for the funeral profession and actively managed to operate reliably without involvement of funeral home staff. Our system enables funeral homes to reliably and discretely share the service live and record it for family to watch and appreciate again, once emotions settle. These important occasions are privately and securely stored to help sustain memories of their loved ones. OneRoom systems and staff monitor services around the clock to support online guests, families and Funeral Directors.

OneRoom operates in four countries and over 10 years has helped 600+ funeral homes share 1M+ services and reach millions of people globally.

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Since our founding in 1996, C&J has become the largest provider of insurance assignment funding in North America. With more than two decades of experience providing financial and administrative solutions to the funeral industry, C&J and its affiliates process in excess of 40,000 funerals and fund $300+ million in assignments to nearly 3,000 funeral home/cemeteries annually! You can rest assured that your firm will get the experience and attention to detail that you deserve.

C&J’s mission is to relieve the funeral industry of the hassle, headache and cash flow delay in processing insurance death claims by providing the fastest funding possible while offering the friendliest, most knowledgeable and courteous customer service available. We are dedicated to serving the funeral industry and we are proud to be a sponsor of the 2022 MKJ Marketing Summit. We hope you enjoy the programming and look forward to spending time with you.

ASD – Answering Service for Directors – has been helping Funeral Homes to manage their calls and their lives since 1972. ASD now serves more than 5000 funeral homes and is the preferred choice among Independent Funeral Homes and Funeral Home Directors. Our goal is to provide the same level of customer service and satisfaction that our Funeral Homes have been providing to families
for generations.

We are pleased to sponsor the MKJ Marketing Summit. We have been serving the funeral industry for over 40 years, and we like to support the industry any way we can. We hope you enjoy your experience over the next few days.

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