Ski Seminar

Unlocking the

Receptions & Digital Marketing

[ Feb. 27 – Mar. 1, 2017 ]


Laws have changed even in New York State for offering receptions! Everyone is recognizing the healing power of food in funerals. MKJ has led the way in how to set this up so it is a profit center. Learn the latest on how to upgrade the sale and make families happier…from decor, to menu, to presentation of the options. The executive chef at the Waldorf will add to the catering discussion.

Cremation Strategies

Serving cremation families is a multi-faceted challenge that involves advertising, technology, training and presentation tools. Success only comes when you address all of the facets.

E-commerce Opportunities

There are three levels of death care service; disposal, discount and full service. The challenge for every business is to find a way to be at least two of the three. Online Cremation Arrangement offers opportunities for all three levels of death care services.


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