How to Handle Price Shoppers

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Funeral service is a volume business, and each death call reduces your cost per call and increases your profit. Every week funeral homes receive phone calls from families asking about pricing. Everyone in business recognizes the opportunity shoppers represent, and that the funeral home with the lowest price seldom gets the business. Instead, the business goes to the firm that handles that shopper best.

Are you doing everything you can to capture your next call?
Learn how to handle price shoppers with this DVD video training system, created by Marilyn Jones Gould, a renowned trainer of funeral home staff members for nearly 30 years.

Why do you need this program?

Explains importance of each phone call in terms your staff will agree with
Lays out a procedure for preparing to take a shopping call
Demonstrates the right and wrong way to take a shopping call
Teaches how to direct the conversation away from price and how to present the value your firm offers
Allows each staff member to learn these valuable techniques on their own schedule
System Includes

3 Training Videos
Training Manual
10 Learning Workbooks for Staff
Phone Call Form Template