Good Call Training System




Every phone call has the potential to HELP or HURT your firm.
Very few things are as important as how you handle the First Call. When someone’s just experienced a death, you must show compassion and assure the caller that you are competent and professional. The caller may be crying or in shock, and if it’s a hospice volunteer or hospital nurse, she may be stressed because the family’s asked her to handle everything for them. Therefore, you must carefully consider how and what you say.

GOOD CALL includes valuable information on how to properly handle the following situations over the phone:
First Calls
Price-Shopping Calls
Aftercare Calls
Visitation and Service Questions
Providing Directions
Dining and Lodging Recommendations
Floral Orders
Taking Messages
Transferring Calls
Handling Complaints
System Includes:

2 DVD’s
A reference guide book to keep next to your phone
“Whether you’re giving directions, taking a first call, or giving out visitation details,
there’s a wrong way and a right way. We’ll show you THE RIGHT WAY!”

Developed for everyone who answers the phone.
For Licensed and Non-licensed staff.

No refunds on training material.