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What will the next 10 years in funeral service and cremation bring? Join MKJ Marketing’s Courtney Gould Miller and special guests as they analyze industry trends and make projections about what to expect on marketing, operations, products, and technology.


In this episode of The Next 10 Podcast, Courtney talks with Eric Pierson, CEO of GENiSYSS, about how DNA does more than track ancestry and how funeral homes can share this technology with families they serve.

Lessons from End-of-Life Care

In this episode of The Next 10 Podcast Courtney talks with Gretchen Napier CEO of LifeLinks about end-of-life and care management trends. Lifelinks is an organization in Nashville and Raleigh which helps families with end of life decisions.

Cremation e-Commerce

The Next 10 Podcast launches with “E-Cremation,” all about how e-commerce can change the way you see discount cremation business.

Joining Courtney is Glenn Gould, CEO and Co-Founder of MKJ.  Glenn has conducted more market research than anyone else in the industry, over 800 studies. He is the author of Funeral Home Marketing – Moving the Bottom Line and Death Care Marketing 25 FAQs.