Cremation with Confidence

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Marketing and Sales

End-of-Life Care Programs

Cremation with Confidence™ is a cost-effective campaign to reassure families about quality and a “checks and balances” system that trustworthy cremation providers offer. The program was created to answer the question, “Why are your cremation services so expensive?” Your most valuable business asset is your funeral home’s image. When consumers question your prices, it’s important that your staff can give an intelligent response because there is more at stake than a single case. Consumers need to believe your pricing is fair; when they don’t, you lose pricing integrity, which doesn’t stop with your cremation services but extends to every aspect of your business.

Your Cremation With Confidence™ 10-Step Process Guarantee gives families another reason to trust you. It communicates to families that you will treat their loved on with respect and dignity.

The one-time licensing fee entitles your firm to:

  • Exclusivity in your trade area or county
  • List on the “Funeral Home Locator” page of
  • Personalized brochure with your firm’s 10-step cremation process
  • Personlized Newspaper Advertisement
  • Arrangement Room Certificate
  • Press Release
  • Website banners
  • DVD based Staff training program
  • Window Decals

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