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Success in the death care business today requires a cremation strategy—not only is the cremation rate increasing everywhere, but also cremation consumers have different expectations and preferences. In large part, cremation consumers are looking to compare the options available to them and an easy way to complete arrangements. Without understanding how your cremation services are different from your competitors, they resort to price shopping. That’s why you must have a means to reach consumers online, not just to get lower price business, but also to gain the opportunity to educate them about everything you offer. How? The research-backed e-commerce experience available with MKJ’s cremation arrangement website.  

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MKJ’s cremation arrangement website is currently used by cremation societies and other low price cremation
services across the U.S. to reach more consumers and facilitate sales.  Experience MKJ’s Cremation Arrangement
Website for yourself as you browse our portfolio. 

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Check out the resources below, including research insights direct from MKJ Marketing’s consumer research.

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MKJ Marketing’s Google-Certified Partners can help you acquire new customers by increasing your visibility in keyword search results for services you offer and communities you serve.

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