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Could Your Firm Face Accessibility-Related Litigation Because of Your Website? Free Upcoming Webinar Explains How You Can Protect Yourself

by MKJ Marketing
MKJ Marketing is co-hosting a webinar focused on educating owners of funeral homes, crematories, and cemeteries to ensure their websites comply with ADA regulations in partnership with accessibility experts UserWay. So far this year, over 5,000 business owners across all industries have been served litigation relating to ADA accessibility issues,… Read More

COVID-19 is the Tipping Point for Cremation E-Commerce: Restart Series #1

by Courtney Gould Miller
While the COVID-19 pandemic has created countless obstacles in our industry,  there are just as many opportunities for those willing to try something new. Case in point: The e-commerce cremation websites we’ve launched this past month have seen record growth, providing an affordable option for families who want to… Read More

FREE Webinar – How to Adapt Your Marketing During COVID-19

by MKJ Marketing
Our team at MKJ Marketing has faithfully served the funeral and cemetery professions for over 35 years and want to share our best practices during this national crisis. Join us for a FREE webinar on March 19 at 3 p.m. ET to learn dos and don’ts for communicating… Read More

Your Website Needs Our Funeral Cost Estimator. Here’s Why.

by MKJ Marketing
It’s the question every family walking through the doors of your funeral home wants to know but is afraid to ask: Can I afford a funeral service at this funeral home? Of course, we know the answer varies depending on the services selected. But it’s safe to say most families… Read More

Remarketing: The Newest Digital Marketing Technology You’re Not Using

by MKJ Marketing
We know the death care industry has been hesitant to move away from traditional advertising such as phone books and church bulletins into digital marketing outlets like social media or search. While most funeral homes and cremation providers… Read More

Hospice and Funeral Service: How Grief Connects Us

by MKJ Marketing
When a grieving family walks through your funeral home’s doors, they are entering your care. You try to ease their burdens, whether it be by planning a memorable tribute and peaceful reception or by providing comfort and emotional support. MKJ has even worked with funeral homes that go a step… Read More

Now Showing: Tukios Video Tributes

by MKJ Marketing
Can you believe how much technology has changed the way your funeral home operates? From live webcasting to selling flowers online, technology touches upon just about everything you do. The best part is that these changes allow funeral homes to give grieving families more ways to honor their loved ones. Read More

Featured: Courtney Gould Miller on Funeral Service and the Web

by MKJ Marketing
Marketing is not an exact science, but good marketing is as grounded in research and data as any scientific experiment. Online marketing is no different. It can be difficult to navigate the new social platforms or the complex field of search engine optimization, but at MKJ, we let research and… Read More

How to Build a Successful Online Cremation Business

by Glenn Gould
In recent years, the death care business has gone the way of other industries. As with those providing hotel rooms and automobiles, the most successful businesses are those that profitably serve a diverse customer base. SUVs have become the most popular vehicle, but customers still purchase pick-up trucks, sedans and… Read More

Google’s Advice on Working with SEO Marketers

Funera Home SEO SEO
by MKJ Marketing
It’s no secret there are many digital and search marketing companies that are really just a scam. From fake reviews to promising position ranking on a search engine, some companies will promise the world only to not deliver results. Worse yet, others break search engine and internet regulations and put… Read More

Want a Discount Cremation Business? Think Online.

Harness the direct cremation market with an commerce website...www.mkjmarketing.com
by MKJ Marketing
It’s pretty clear—if you’re going to be successful in the funeral industry going forward, you need a way to address the direct cremation consumer. Should you advertise lower prices? Get them in the door, then upsell them? What about giving them what they want? Some cremation business owners report that… Read More

The Value of Professional Web Design

Courtney Gould Miller at the MKJ
by MKJ Marketing
While many businesses are now aware that developing a strong online presence is critical to business growth, the majority of funeral homes have no idea that the quality of their web design has a dramatic impact on the success of their site as a whole. Surprisingly, studies have… Read More