Blog | MKJ Marketing - Part 3


Your Role in Battling the Opioid Crisis

by MKJ Marketing
With the devastating surge of opiate-related deaths across the country, funeral home employees are faced with an onslaught of grieving families. Indeed, the number of drug overdoses in the U.S. has never been higher – and the majority of these deaths involved opioids.[1] In many states, these deaths… Read More

Three Phone Tips You Need to Teach Your Staff Today

by MKJ Marketing
Raise your hand if you’ve had this happen when calling a business: A representative answers, puts you on hold, transfers you from one department to another (twice), then you hear the dreaded dial tone. Your call was lost. Your blood pressure skyrockets. You vow never to call that business again. Read More

Your Website Needs Our Funeral Cost Estimator. Here’s Why.

by MKJ Marketing
It’s the question every family walking through the doors of your funeral home wants to know but is afraid to ask: Can I afford a funeral service at this funeral home? Of course, we know the answer varies depending on the services selected. But it’s safe to say most families… Read More

Why Would a Funeral Home Want a YouTube Page?

by MKJ Marketing
Creating and posting YouTube videos is a simple, yet powerful, way to give your funeral home a strong presence on the web while delivering what consumers want: material that is valuable, interactive, and visually appealing. With a staggering 1.5 billion users every month, YouTube offers an unparalleled… Read More

Where’s Your Front Door?

by MKJ Marketing
It’s a valid question.  Prior to the digital revolution introduced by the Internet, families would drive to funeral homes to collect information on services and prices, particularly when shopping pre-need.  Since this digital revolution, families now search websites.  As the Internet has become the dominant shopping and… Read More

Don’t Miss the Best Seminars in the Industry

by MKJ Marketing
Join us at MKJ’s 2018 Marketing Summit and find out what’s missing in your marketing plan and what might be holding you back. This year, the MKJ Marketing seminars will address the most pressing issues facing funeral and cemetery business owners… Read More

Remarketing: The Newest Digital Marketing Technology You’re Not Using

by MKJ Marketing
We know the death care industry has been hesitant to move away from traditional advertising such as phone books and church bulletins into digital marketing outlets like social media or search. While most funeral homes and cremation providers… Read More

Your Preneed Business: Fueled By Technology

by Glenn Gould
Preneed marketers have always utilized cutting-edge technology to present the peace of mind benefits offered by funeral and cemetery preneed. In the 1950’s, this meant direct mail, telephone calls, and door hangers – tactics still in use today, albeit with diminished productivity and increasing costs. Where is Your Front Door?… Read More

Lessons from Our MKJ Intern

by MKJ Marketing
Each year we look forward to welcoming fresh talent to MKJ through our intern program. Maggie MacCurdy joined MKJ’s Nashville office this summer as an intern from Loyola University Chicago, bringing her bright attitude and education in digital marketing and public relations. We asked her to share her experience with… Read More

Hospice and Funeral Service: How Grief Connects Us

by MKJ Marketing
When a grieving family walks through your funeral home’s doors, they are entering your care. You try to ease their burdens, whether it be by planning a memorable tribute and peaceful reception or by providing comfort and emotional support. MKJ has even worked with funeral homes that go a step… Read More

Now Showing: Tukios Video Tributes

by MKJ Marketing
Can you believe how much technology has changed the way your funeral home operates? From live webcasting to selling flowers online, technology touches upon just about everything you do. The best part is that these changes allow funeral homes to give grieving families more ways to honor their loved ones. Read More

Four Secrets to Effective Staff Training

by MKJ Marketing
Consumer expectations are constantly changing—what they expect from service, pricing, and technology. You hear it all the time: everyone wants things faster, but for a lower cost and the highest quality. And yet while the bar has never been set higher by consumers, it is increasingly difficult for funeral homes… Read More