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FREE Webinar – How to Adapt Your Marketing During COVID-19

by MKJ Marketing
Our team at MKJ Marketing has faithfully served the funeral and cemetery professions for over 35 years and want to share our best practices during this national crisis. Join us for a FREE webinar on March 19 at 3 p.m. ET to learn dos and don’ts for communicating… Read More

Should Funeral Service Advertising Ever Be Funny?

by MKJ Marketing
Television advertising should immediately grab the viewer’s attention. Some advertisers use shock value or humor as their chosen method of doing this. But is it appropriate in funeral service? It’s probably fair to say we’ve all seen at least one funeral service-related advertisement or… Read More

How to Know Your Social Media is Working

by MKJ Marketing
When it comes to social media, it’s not about likes. It’s about leads. It’s something we’ve been saying at MKJ for years. It’s such a crucial point, we’ll say it again: If you’re not getting leads from Facebook on a regular… Read More

Why Would a Funeral Home Want a YouTube Page?

by MKJ Marketing
Creating and posting YouTube videos is a simple, yet powerful, way to give your funeral home a strong presence on the web while delivering what consumers want: material that is valuable, interactive, and visually appealing. With a staggering 1.5 billion users every month, YouTube offers an unparalleled… Read More

Where’s Your Front Door?

by MKJ Marketing
It’s a valid question.  Prior to the digital revolution introduced by the Internet, families would drive to funeral homes to collect information on services and prices, particularly when shopping pre-need.  Since this digital revolution, families now search websites.  As the Internet has become the dominant shopping and… Read More

Remarketing: The Newest Digital Marketing Technology You’re Not Using

by MKJ Marketing
We know the death care industry has been hesitant to move away from traditional advertising such as phone books and church bulletins into digital marketing outlets like social media or search. While most funeral homes and cremation providers… Read More

Lessons from Our MKJ Intern

by MKJ Marketing
Each year we look forward to welcoming fresh talent to MKJ through our intern program. Maggie MacCurdy joined MKJ’s Nashville office this summer as an intern from Loyola University Chicago, bringing her bright attitude and education in digital marketing and public relations. We asked her to share her experience with… Read More

Hospice and Funeral Service: How Grief Connects Us

by MKJ Marketing
When a grieving family walks through your funeral home’s doors, they are entering your care. You try to ease their burdens, whether it be by planning a memorable tribute and peaceful reception or by providing comfort and emotional support. MKJ has even worked with funeral homes that go a step… Read More

Featured: Courtney Gould Miller on Funeral Service and the Web

by MKJ Marketing
Marketing is not an exact science, but good marketing is as grounded in research and data as any scientific experiment. Online marketing is no different. It can be difficult to navigate the new social platforms or the complex field of search engine optimization, but at MKJ, we let research and… Read More

What You Need to Know About Buying TV Media for Your Funeral Home

by MKJ Marketing
With the many technological changes and advances happening in media today, there is still one true ruler in content delivery – TV! TV is a bargain in advertising and for half a century now, TV is still king in American households. TV advertisements familiarize the viewing audience… Read More

What Funeral Service and Car Sales have in Common

by Glenn Gould
Every business wants repeat customers, but not every business makes it a strategic priority. Recent research studies conducted of car-buying consumers discovered that approximately 60% of new car buyers will return to the same automaker for their next car, but some automakers enjoy greater customer loyalty than others. The difference is not… Read More

Announcing the MKJ Podcast “The Next 10”

by MKJ Marketing
It seems like every other week a new company announces they will “revolutionize” the funeral industry, doesn’t it? No doubt, traditional funeral service is changing, and it’s important to stay relevant, but it can be tricky to tell which trends are here to stay. With MKJ’s three decades of innovating… Read More