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3 Reasons the Cremation with Confidence™ Marketing Campaign Gets Results

by MKJ Marketing
As cremation rates continue to skyrocket across the country, scandalous cremation stories persist in making headlines. When consumers read articles about cremation abuse, fraud, and mix-ups, it’s no wonder their confidence in cremation providers is shaken. They’re uneasy about the processes and procedures involved. Read More

Announcing the MKJ Podcast “The Next 10”

by MKJ Marketing
It seems like every other week a new company announces they will “revolutionize” the funeral industry, doesn’t it? No doubt, traditional funeral service is changing, and it’s important to stay relevant, but it can be tricky to tell which trends are here to stay. With MKJ’s three decades of innovating… Read More

How to Build a Successful Online Cremation Business

by Glenn Gould
In recent years, the death care business has gone the way of other industries. As with those providing hotel rooms and automobiles, the most successful businesses are those that profitably serve a diverse customer base. SUVs have become the most popular vehicle, but customers still purchase pick-up trucks, sedans and… Read More

Want a Discount Cremation Business? Think Online.

Harness the direct cremation market with an commerce
by MKJ Marketing
It’s pretty clear—if you’re going to be successful in the funeral industry going forward, you need a way to address the direct cremation consumer. Should you advertise lower prices? Get them in the door, then upsell them? What about giving them what they want? Some cremation business owners report that… Read More