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Lessons from Our MKJ Intern

by MKJ Marketing
Each year we look forward to welcoming fresh talent to MKJ through our intern program. Maggie MacCurdy joined MKJ’s Nashville office this summer as an intern from Loyola University Chicago, bringing her bright attitude and education in digital marketing and public relations. We asked her to share her experience with… Read More

Featured: Courtney Gould Miller on Funeral Service and the Web

by MKJ Marketing
Marketing is not an exact science, but good marketing is as grounded in research and data as any scientific experiment. Online marketing is no different. It can be difficult to navigate the new social platforms or the complex field of search engine optimization, but at MKJ, we let research and… Read More

Announcing the MKJ Podcast “The Next 10”

by MKJ Marketing
It seems like every other week a new company announces they will “revolutionize” the funeral industry, doesn’t it? No doubt, traditional funeral service is changing, and it’s important to stay relevant, but it can be tricky to tell which trends are here to stay. With MKJ’s three decades of innovating… Read More

Recent Press: COO, MKJ Published for Death Care Marketing Expertise

by MKJ Marketing
If you operate a funeral home, cremation operation, cemetery, or any business within the death care industry, you know that marketing can be a challenge. How do you reach consumers with your message about this sensitive topic? This has been our focus at MKJ Marketing for decades, and recently we and… Read More

Welcome to MKJ’s Home on the Web

by MKJ Marketing
Maybe you’re used to turning to MKJ when you need marketing solutions for your business. Many funeral homes, cemeteries, and vendors in the death care industry have sought us out for over thirty years to fight off a competitor, launch a new brand, or just get more calls. Our clients… Read More