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Is there a “New Reality” in Funeral Service: Restart Series #2

by Glenn Gould
As cities and states re-open, we at MKJ Marketing are here to advise you on how best to position your funeral home, cemetery, or cremation business. Each of our owners and marketing advisors are sharing their insights in this Restart Series, answering questions we are hearing as we speak with… Read More

COVID-19 is the Tipping Point for Cremation E-Commerce: Restart Series #1

by Courtney Gould Miller
While the COVID-19 pandemic has created countless obstacles in our industry,  there are just as many opportunities for those willing to try something new. Case in point: The e-commerce cremation websites we’ve launched this past month have seen record growth, providing an affordable option for families who want to… Read More

FREE Webinar – How to Adapt Your Marketing During COVID-19

by MKJ Marketing
Our team at MKJ Marketing has faithfully served the funeral and cemetery professions for over 35 years and want to share our best practices during this national crisis. Join us for a FREE webinar on March 19 at 3 p.m. ET to learn dos and don’ts for communicating… Read More

Why You’re Missing an Opportunity for Innovation–and It’s Huge

by MKJ Marketing
Innovation is an analytical process that involves more than just the creative few on your team. Guest feature by Stephen Shapiro, Innovation consultant and speaker. When you think about innovation, there are usually a few creative people on your team that you turn to first for a conversation. Read More

World-Renowned Speaker, Author Headlines MKJ Summit on Same Day of Book Release

by MKJ Marketing
Internationally recognized speaker and author Stephen Shapiro is headlining MKJ Marketing’s 2020 Summit on the same day of the release of his latest book, Invisible Solutions: 25 Lenses that Reframe and Help Solve Difficult Business Problems. At MKJ’s 2020 Marketing Summit, which is currently underway… Read More

MKJ Announces 2020 Seminar Programming

by MKJ Marketing
MKJ’s 2020 Marketing Summit will investigate the consolidation of the industry relative to the benefits and challenges it represents to independent funeral homes, including all of the ways we compete for them – not just for… Read More

The Most Frequently Asked Question in the Funeral Industry

by MKJ Marketing
I’ve heard the question posed in different ways, but the foundation is always the same: “Where is the funeral home business going, and should I commit to the funeral profession?” It’s a valid question, though one without a definite answer—if there are 8,000 independent funeral businesses, there are 8,000 different… Read More

So . . . You Want to Do Your Own Social Media

by MKJ Marketing
As the head of digital marketing here at MKJ, I’m going to say something that might surprise you . . . I don’t recommend that every single funeral home or cemetery use MKJ’s full social media management service. I want what… Read More

Capturing the Price Shopper Call

by MKJ Marketing
The price shopper call. Many funeral directors and cemetery owners dread it. Mostly because they fear their team doesn’t have what it takes to capture the call and turn it into the sale. And yet, as discounters continue to spread throughout markets in nearly every corner of the country, the… Read More

3 Reasons the Cremation with Confidence™ Marketing Campaign Gets Results

by MKJ Marketing
As cremation rates continue to skyrocket across the country, scandalous cremation stories persist in making headlines. When consumers read articles about cremation abuse, fraud, and mix-ups, it’s no wonder their confidence in cremation providers is shaken. They’re uneasy about the processes and procedures involved. Read More

Should Funeral Service Advertising Ever Be Funny?

by MKJ Marketing
Television advertising should immediately grab the viewer’s attention. Some advertisers use shock value or humor as their chosen method of doing this. But is it appropriate in funeral service? It’s probably fair to say we’ve all seen at least one funeral service-related advertisement or… Read More

Why Blog? 5 Surprising Benefits of Funeral Home Blogging

by MKJ Marketing
In 1999, there were 23 blogs on the internet. Today? Blogs number in the hundreds of millions. Many digital marketing experts say a well-produced blog is the number one marketing strategy for businesses – and the MKJ experts agree it’s an important component of a… Read More