by MKJ Marketing

Can you believe how much technology has changed the way your funeral home operates? From live webcasting to selling flowers online, technology touches upon just about everything you do. The best part is that these changes allow funeral homes to give grieving families more ways to honor their loved ones. Certainly, one of the most meaningful ways funeral homes can use technology to help families is through video tributes, particularly accessible right on your website’s obituaries.

MKJ is proud to announce that we have partnered with Tukios, a leading independent producer of tribute videos. Clients will now be able to use their MKJ-designed websites to create and sell copies of beautiful and poignant memorial videos, right from their obituaries.

“We’re very excited about the integration with MKJ,” said Curtis Funk, Founder of Tukios. “For many years they have been known as the educators and marketing experts in the industry, bringing innovative products and processes to their clients. We are honored to be part of that group of innovations and help their clients offer the best in tribute videos.”

MKJ chose to partner with Tukios because we know Tukios will provide our clients with the best service. Some other companies force homes to use specific video production companies because they are contractually obligated to do so. As Courtney Gould Miller, MKJ COO and Head of Digital explains, MKJ is working with Tukios because MKJ wants funeral homes to have a choice in providers. “An important difference between Tukios and other online video production software is that they’re independent of website design companies. Funeral homes choose to use Tukios because of their superior product.”

At MKJ, we strive to build websites that showcase your funeral home, not our name. We take the time to give you a unique and elegant website that drives customers to your funeral home. As our CEO, Glenn Gould puts it “[Your] site is built from the beginning with search engine optimization (SEO), giving you a ranking advantage over template websites. And every design choice is with your brand and sales in mind.”

Courtney adds that “Because MKJ websites are custom designed to promote our clients’ competitive advantages, each site is designed around photography from your firm, and verbiage created specifically for your site. Custom copy, photography, Word Press programming, and SEO will bring your site in front of families.” Tukios gives you another product to offer families online, without exhausting your staff’s resources or time.

If you have an MKJ website and want to add Tukios video tributes to your obituaries, go to For more information on marketing websites from MKJ, visit or telephone MKJ at 888-655-1566 for an informative brochure, or email [email protected]