by MKJ Marketing

As the head of digital marketing here at MKJ, I’m going to say something that might surprise you . . . I don’t recommend that every single funeral home or cemetery use MKJ’s full social media management service. I want what is best for our clients, and what’s best for one is not best for another. I want them to succeed, because their success is our success. For some funeral homes and cemeteries – it’s best they manage their own page. But for this to be the case, three things must be true:

1.) You must have a designated staff member who  has both the time and the aptitude for creating and scheduling custom content for you. They should be aware of best practices, have a keen handle on grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc., and have a passion and ability for telling the story of your funeral home’s brand with excellence.

For example – a single custom post here at MKJ Marketing is touched by as many as eight different team members and passes through at least eight process steps before it hits one of our clients’ pages. Writers, proofers, art directors, schedulers, client service managers – they’re all here to make sure every post is perfect. You must make sure your brand excellence is represented on your page. 

2.) You have to be prepared to handle your own engagement. That means having a designated person at your business who is responsible for responding to comments, messages, and reviews promptly. We see at-need and pre-need leads come in through Facebook all the time, and they have to be handled as skillfully and quickly as possible.

3.) You, or someone on your team, must know how to work social media to get you leads. We do this for our clients primarily through Facebook ads and especially lead generation ads. We also keep our eye on trends on the page, and complete extensive page and ad reporting every month. This way, we make sure we’re always adjusting our strategy so we know it’s still working for our client’s individual page and market.

So, if you have someone on your team already who can do all of this for you, that’s great! You’re all set. But maybe you’re halfway there . . . maybe you have someone on staff you think has the potential to do all of this for you, but they need some training.

This is where we can help you this November.

In Nashville on November 9th, I will be leading the Social Media for Funeral Service Workshop. I’ve completed graduate studies in digital marketing at Duke University, and I will personally be leading this workshop for funeral directors, funeral and cemetery owners, and their staff. If you want to handle your own social media presence, I will give you the tools and knowledge you need. We’ll cover topics like:

  • Generating pre-need and at-need leads through Facebook
  • Creating funeral and cemetery posts that educate
  • The right way to increase reviews and comments
  • Scheduling posts to have a consistent presence online

You can attend one or both workshops and save when you send more than one team member. This is an incredibly affordable way to train your staff. Plus, you’ll be in the home city of our Midwest office – Nashville, TN! Nashville offers a vibrant music scene, charming shopping areas, and it’s kind of a foodie heaven! Ask our team for their favorite spots while you’re with us.  

You can book online here at our website or call us for more information at 888-655-1566.