by MKJ Marketing

We know the death care industry has been hesitant to move away from traditional advertising such as phone books and church bulletins into digital marketing outlets like social media or search. While most funeral homes and cremation providers have at least a basic website, it can be difficult for them to keep up on all the digital trends so they know where to invest in order to raise brand awareness and generate leads. One of these newest trends is remarketing – a very affordable, effective advertising field.

Exactly what is remarketing?

When we talk about remarketing, we refer to the process of marketing to the same prospect multiple times and, in most cases, across multiple channels. Successful remarketing often results in high conversion rates because the messages are targeted based on customized segments, user-indicated preferences, and past user behavior. Using social media to reach your community is a great way to reinforce your brand, and our MKJ team has successfully remarketed brands and services through Facebook and display advertising throughout the internet – even on major news sites. Once people have visited your website, they have indicated an interest in your services and an openness to targeted messaging and offers, so we can begin to show them the brand messages wherever they go online. It’s almost like an “online billboard” marking their digital journey.

Creating landing-page specific ads, custom offers based on a specific topic, or custom audiences based on your website traffic can be bewildering. Tracking user behavior and analyzing trends across platforms can create a complicated maze for even the most seasoned business owners. We let research and data guide us as we work with each of our individual clients to understand those customer segments and define the messaging that will result in increased contact and conversion.

Here’s how it works: Imagine you want to promote your reception services. You’ve described these services on your website or blog, sent an email, which the person has opened, or posted images or thoughts on your Facebook page. While this is a good start in terms of raising awareness, we can take your marketing to the next level by analyzing user feedback, page and email click-through rates, site traffic, and other response rates to create customized ads or offers targeting reception services to users – ads that appear in a daily news feed on your Facebook site and send users directly to your website or custom campaign page. Not only can you reach a wider audience this way, but the leads are pre-qualified since you know the users have an interest in your services in the first place. Incentivize your followers to share and you expand the net even wider while continuing to market to pre-qualified people in your own community.

A few quick do’s and don’ts for remarketing in the social space:

  • Optimize your website before remarketing: Ensure there is a logical destination to send visitors to when they click on an ad to reach your website. If you are promoting specific services or aspects of your business, sending them to your home page rather than a destination or campaign page detailing your unique services misses the boat.
  • Make variety the spice of your remarketing campaign: Featuring the same ads over a long period of time is the equivalent of serving the same meal every day for dinner. After seeing the same thing over and over, users may overlook your ads, block or unfollow you, or lose interest in your brand.
  • Use your keywords: The same keywords that draw users to your site in the first place can also attract users through your ads or social posts. By analyzing your SEO data, we can help you craft ads that deliver on those same terms.
  • Don’t exhaust your followers: Set caps or limits on ads, emails, and other communications to your subscribers to ensure they remain your loyal followers and not members of your “unsubscribe” list. This is critical in our industry as sensitivity to grieving families is of utmost concern.

Ready for remarketing? Contact us for a consultation so we can find the best ways to assist you in targeting those visitors most likely to want, need, and convert to your services.