by MKJ Marketing

The price shopper call. Many funeral directors and cemetery owners dread it. Mostly because they fear their team doesn’t have what it takes to capture the call and turn it into the sale.

And yet, as discounters continue to spread throughout markets in nearly every corner of the country, the only way for funeral homes and cemeteries to survive and thrive is to be able to respond effectively to those who are looking for the best price for their end-of-life arrangements.

The study and practice of how to capture the price shopper call has been a pursuit and a passion for MKJ Marketing President Marilyn Jones Gould for thirty years. Hundreds of MKJ clients and their staff members have attended our seminars, purchased Marilyn’s time-tested training systems, or invited her to their business for one-on-one staff training. Funeral home owners spend thousands of dollars to bring her in to speak to their team, because they know how crucial this issue is.

Here are some of her time-tested tips for capturing the price shopper:

  • Know your value. Then train your staff to be able to communicate your value to a consumer who is increasingly more interested in the bottom line.
  • Examine the planning section of your website. Does it clearly explain your advantages and your services? Is the form easy to use and intuitive?
  • You might consider offering – and advertising – your lowest possible price for direct cremation and burial.
  • What is your brand difference? Are you family owned vs. corporate? Do you own your own crematory? Does your competitor use a low price to entice and then mark up the cost once the family is in the door? Know what makes you different, communicate it to your team, and teach them how to sell it.
  • Make sure your team has excellent phone skills.

Keep in mind it’s the funeral home or cemetery that handles shoppers skillfully that gets the business – not the funeral home offering the lowest price.

There’s much more to learn and MKJ Marketing is making it easier – and more affordable – than ever for your staff to receive price shopper training. On Nov. 8th in Nashville, Marilyn will be holding a workshop where she will present the principles and practices she’s been offering one-on-one to funeral directors for decades. She will address:

  • The do’s and don’ts of handling price shoppers
  • What to say when they say your price is too high
  • How to win the call every time
  • How to sell value and quality

Not every firm can afford one-on-one training, but you can afford this workshop. And the more staff you decide to send, the more money you will save. Find information on this unique workshop – and the Social Media Workshop for Funeral Service led by Courtney Gould Miller the following day – right here on our website or call us at 888-655-1566.