An Exclusive Opportunity to Share Best Practices with Fellow Online Cremation Providers & Industry Professionals after each summit.

Vail, CO

February 28th
(Day after Vail Summit.)

Naples, FL 

March 14th
(Day after Naples Summit.)

How can you improve in all operations, including staffing, fulfillment, and digital services? This is the perfect chance for operators to share ideas and best practices.
Facilitated by Erick Goss and other industry specialists, including
MKJ consultants, this event will offer answers to critical questions like:

  • How do I maximize speed and efficiency with staff?
  • Should I be shipping cremated remains?
  • How do I shift my mindset to serve this particular consumer?
  • Do I need to have phone or live online chat services available 24/7?
  • How do I distinguish low-cost cremation from my main brand?

Join us in this exclusive event after each Summit to discuss these pertinent questions and develop unique solutions based around your particular situation. Attendance to the Summit is not required to attend the Mastermind. However, additional savings will apply to those who do attend.

Only for individuals that currently have a Cremation E-Commerce site or plan to launch one in 2019.

MKJ Client $350
If you will be hosting your cremation site with us in 2019, recieve a $300 credit off of your Mastermind registration.

Summit Attendee $550
If you are attending the summit, but not hosting a site with MKJ in 2019, recieve a $100 credit off your Mastermind registration.

Mastermind Only $650
If you are not attending the summit or hosting a site with MKJ in 2019, the full registration price of $650 is required.